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Hello everyone!

This is a very different announcement from any we've done before so please do take the time to read the below as it does pertain to the future of our server and a new step for Markiii-Rust.

It's with tremendous honor that I announce we are going to be allying with RustyWastland, one of the longest standing Rust PVE brands around. This new friendship will hopefully see us gain a few new faces and give you existing guys something new to explore too. 

RustyWastland isn't too dissimilar to our server, yet there are large differences which allow us to complement each other well, giving you great alternatives when you need them. They have SkillTree, Raidable Bases, Cooking and customised AI Bots like you're used to here. 

You can connect using the IP's below:

Main PVE: connect -- Wipes tomorrow!

Sister Server: Rusty Wasteland PVE OASIS connect

(A temporary server which might change or be fully removed in the future)

What does this mean for you?

Nothing will change in terms of MarkiiiRust and the way things work generally, we have access to some extremely experience people now which will cascade into some better decisions on our end as we share our experiences and ideas to ensure an entertaining future for everyone.

We will be sharing our ban lists, so if you have been banned here, the ban will carry over to there and vice-versa.

Hopefully some new friends for you all to enjoy!

We're not doing this to poach other players or have ours poached, this is about a coming together of two well-suited communities we feel will work well together and give you guys some choice.

Keep being amazing everyone, help any new members who hop on as usual, thank you for the support you've given me in the last year, here's to another one :)

Wipe is tomorrow on Biweekly - only the map and items wipe, you will keep your RP, SkillTree XP, PlayTime Ranks etc.