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Biweekly changes
Added new tiers to Heli Signals. You can now purchase: 2 tiers of helicopter waves - which are Easy > Medium > Hard and Medium > Hard > Elite - they will come one at a time.  Added Multi Helis - so you can call 2x of the same difficulty helicopter to attack you at the same time.  Added Nightmare Helicopter. 

  • All in the¬†/shop.

added¬†/tower command to get you to the new tower for heli takes¬†- respect eachothers uses of this please IMPORTANT! Cooldowns for VIP and Custom Ranks helisignals.vip: 50 minutes helisignals.vip+: 40 minutes helisignals.mvp: 30 minutes helisignals.fanatic: 20 minutes Rewards for VIP and Custom Ranks (NOT CRATE LOOT) VIP Rewards Multipliers helisignals.vip:¬†+25%¬†(1.25x) helisignals.vip+:¬†+50%¬†(1.5x) helisignals.mvp:¬†+75%¬†(1.75x) helisignals.fanatic:¬†+125%¬†(2.25x) If you have the following ranks you will receive that much more SkillTree XP for a kill¬†+ scrap: TC's have been fixed¬†- you're able to place 2 traditional TCs and 2 skinned retro at default rank. Players have been noted for abusing EntityLimits in previous wipes, please ensure you do not have your base removed by causing too much impact on server performance. Think of the whole server please when you build anything.¬† New Map I've taken the VIP chosen map and added a few edits borrowing some monuments from maps we own and creating some new ones. I think you'll like the new underwater ones which mainly Gruber made.¬† As usual X¬†= custom build spot and you can claim 1 of these per clan/person. My very difficult Dome has been adjusted and implemented with a Bradley, vehicles will be disabled within this zone, the radiation is very high to increase difficulty forcing the use of hazmats in most cases¬†- maybe there's a food or tea you can combine¬†ūüėČ - THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE VERY HARD. ¬†