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From Rustafied News

Adobe building skin on staging

The ‘building_skins_3’ branch has been merged into the regular staging branch, and with it, we’re getting our first peeks at the new Adobe building skin. At the moment you can enable building skins with your hammer then upgrade to Adobe (which is in place of the stone upgrade option).

Based on commits, it does appear some more building skins are on the way including brick, stone blocks, and tribalist variant. At the moment, it seems these skins will simply replace the existing default skin options and will hold the same values as their original counterparts (not confirmed).

Word on the street is it’ll all be part of a new DLC coming soon. As it stands, nothing is confirmed. We’ll keep you posted as more comes to light.

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More Nuclear Missile Silo work

We’re seeing more work on the newest upcoming monument, the Nuclear Missile Silo. Over on Aux2, there’s been a number of tweaks including adding rads, opening up the buildings above ground a bit, modifying the exit puzzle, tweaking lights, and more.

An interesting thing to note: the new sub branch called ‘big bang’. This, combined with a couple teasers posted on Twitter, makes it seem like this monument will be more than just a place to grab loot and shoot NPC’s. Will it be somehow part of a server-wiping event? Not clear, but it sure looks that way. All this work has been merged into the ‘save237’ branch so there’s a chance we’ll see this monument in the May update.

Edit: The Nuclear Missile Silo has been merged with normal staging which indicates a high chance it’ll go live with the May update.

Edit 2: There’s a new wiki page for ‘server wipe timer’ for server owners related to the new Nuclear Missile Silo monument. I’d say this confirms this monument will feature a server wiping event which will be controlled by the server owner.

More ammo world models

Work on some new ammo world models is underway. Soon, instead of that ole’ burlap sack dropping when you toss ammo on the ground, you’ll see actual ammo boxes.

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